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What would SLife be without drama ….

SLE - drama - black n white cartoon

Drama makes the world go round doesn’t it?  Think about it….  There’s a lot to be said for drama in our everyday lives.  Sometimes we even create it ourselves just so that our life has some meaning and purpose, so that we feel alive.

SLE - drama text argument

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How to keep the romance alive

SLE Keeping Romance alive - Will you Marry Me

You have met “the one” …. They are the best thing since sliced bread, every encounter is better than the last, you heart skips a beat when you see his/her name appear online, you can’t wait to spend time with them.  These are the amazing days when you can’t get enough of one another.  Three months down the track you are very much in love with your partner but how do you keep the romance that brought you together in the first place alive and smoking hot?

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