Second Life making dreams come true

Second Life is regularly touted as a place to be what you want to be or do what you are unable to do in your real life.  And when one comes across an avatar with just such a story, of someone using SL to achieve RL dreams and overcoming RL’s cruel hand, it has to be told!!

I am incredibly honoured to introduce to you Johnathan Hiess.  Many of you will already know of him in SL as he is a well-known DJ who performs at a number of SL’s most popular dance venues, and who can sing too!!

A more self-effacing person I have not encountered in SL.  He is a man whose driving force has been to make a difference in the real world, especially for his children and his daughters particularly.  But in so doing his original ambitions of being a DJ in real life took the back seat. He was 16 years old and playing at KMEL Radio Station in San Francisco, but his Mom and Dad convinced him that he should go to school.  He went on to finish college majoring in criminal justice from Sonoma State.  The market was heavy with applicants at the time so he joined the Marines.

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