What the Huck?

Keeping with the theme of bleakness and desolation, I followed a link in Ziki Questi’s blog to visit Prison, a creation by Cica Ghost.  Prison is a sim-sized installation of metal bars and doorways.  It’s stunning.


Parched earth, rusted metal, dry grasses, leafless trees.  It looks in one moment a vast, abandoned building site and in the next a post-apocalyptic ruin.  But neither of these descriptions really fit perfectly, because you understand straight away upon arrival that this construction is complete.  It is not something left unfinished or the result of destruction.  It is meant to be this way.  And that unsettles you.


There are two ways of exploring the island.  You can – and will, the moment you arrive – cam up into the air and start exploring the many angles and lines from there.


And you can also explore by foot.  Here and there are placed individual…

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