Love Matters, Second Life

Love Matters


Most of of us are capable of loving and of being loved, maybe to varying degrees, but I think that most of us would have to admit to wanting to be loved in particular.

People join Second Life for various reasons, ranging from curiosity or looking for a creative outlet to looking for love.  The sad thing is that there are all too many who deliberately abuse the relative anonymity that SL offers to undermine others, whether it be copybots stealing the talents of genuine designers to those embarking on relationships with less than magnanimous intentions.

So how about you enlightening me on your opinion on whether love matters in Second Life or not?

You can email me your replies on or just leave a comment here.  I look forward to hearing from you

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2 thoughts on “Love Matters”

  1. I had been in sl for four years a bunch of failed sl relationships the whole time being single in real. then one day i meet a guy and my whole world of sl and real changed . we spent months dating as it were in second life , then slowly took it to real < I was terrified , and made every excuse why to wait but he pushed it to happen and i am so glad he did our first visit was fantastic and continued to be till we decided to make the move and he moved in with me < we have now both lived in rl together for a year.
    My sl has now changed as i am far from looking for a relationship and stay clear of guys like the plague now and have put my head down into being creative and blog like amad thing most nights.

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