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How to keep the romance alive

SLE Keeping Romance alive - Will you Marry Me

You have met “the one” …. They are the best thing since sliced bread, every encounter is better than the last, you heart skips a beat when you see his/her name appear online, you can’t wait to spend time with them.  These are the amazing days when you can’t get enough of one another.  Three months down the track you are very much in love with your partner but how do you keep the romance that brought you together in the first place alive and smoking hot?

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Relationships are hard work, and virtual relationships take a special kind of effort. If you get lazy and stop working on them, they die. Occasionally, they just fade away and no one gets crushed. More often, though, they die a hideous death as one or both partners mourn the end of something that could have been great if only …..

How can you succeed in a virtual relationship?  If you do decide to try and make it work, there are key strategies that are fairly obvious:

  • open and frequent communication
  • honesty
  • trust
  • sharing information about your separate lives
  • visiting if possible

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Part of the magic of a virtual relationship is great sex, it is by no means the be all and end all but it can be the glue that holds it all together. So that means tech sex….

These days will all kinds of incredible technology available you can have a pretty decent sex life with someone even if you live halfway around the world. Obviously a relationship can’t thrive forever on ‘cyber’ sex, but it can go a long way to make what you have more real.

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I asked a few people for their comments on how they keep romance alive in their SL relationships and this is what they had to say:

[01:22] Charltina Christensen: I married my SL Partner in Real Life – laughs – We are both Pastors in real life and Second Life. Love works if you invest in loveable actions with common sense and commitment.

**Hello My name is BabyC .  I guess you can say I am in a long term SL relationship ..  it will be 5 months on March 1.  We are also getting married that day.  🙂

The way we keep our love affair alive and fresh is simple…. it’s just that…’keeping it simple’

From the start we decided together to keep rl and sl separate. We just enjoy each other’s company, we flirt a lot, tease each other, make love.  We can see other people if we like, but we choose not to.

For 2 hours a day we get lost in each other, we live for the moment…SL is our ESCAPE…from the stress and worries of rl 🙂

[00:07]  Mr.Gothy Xavier Blackheart-FLNL (gothangel.blackheart): Misty and I have been married for over a year now… been together for about 2.  I like to think we keep our romance alive.

I think everything Misty and myself have been thru throughout the past 2 years has been for a lack of a better term hell of a roller coaster ride. oO be perfectly honest Misty and I actually didn’t meet in SL we meet in a place called “Utherverse” others would call it “Drama Central”

[00:11]  Mrs Mistylee Blackheart- FLNL (mistylee.darkwatch): one thing people have to remember that a relationship isnt base on sex it’’s based on communication

[00:12]  Mr.Gothy Xavier Blackheart-FLNL (gothangel.blackheart): I think so too… Misty and I have had a lot ppl try to come to between us and our love is the number one thing that has kept us together.  I have to give a lot of credit on my wife’s part because there was a time in the story of our relationship where I couldn’t be here and we talked a lot on the phone.

I got to bring up something that was very fun, exciting and romantic that my wife did for me… and us

Misty took us on this thing called a “Love Journey” It was ways of going back in the good parts of us and how we came to be… went over things  like first dates… describing what we felt for each other during that time… things we said and so on….. What we wore…. and what it is we did….

I remember distinctively the first thing Misty ever said to me… in a IM of course…. I remember them vividly to this day… the words she said to me were……. “Do you have any idea just how sexy you are….”

[00:18]  Mrs Mistylee Blackheart- FLNL (mistylee.darkwatch): blushes aww baby.

[00:19]  Mr.Gothy Xavier Blackheart-FLNL (gothangel.blackheart): We used to do things like play hide and seek and all sorts of little games kinda like teenagers in love really

[00:19]  Mrs Mistylee Blackheart- FLNL (mistylee.darkwatch): well the exact words were do you know how sexy and beautiful you are.

Misty and I go on things like hunts and explore new places in SL we haven’t been to before Misty is the adventurer of us 2. I love it when she takes me along to see the things she sees. I love how her imagination is vivid and very creative makes the night very special to me, we go places that have flowers and fireworks, she tells me to turn on the night sky and I do and me, myself, and I find it very romantic.  Then we cuddle and share some wine its great I love it!! 🙂

Keeping romance alive is possible through small gestures throughout the day, what are you going to do for your SL lover today?

Just remember that the emotion felt in these encounters is very real, as real as the person behind the computer screen.  Be careful of what you do and be accountable for your actions.

Why don’t you share with us how you and your partner keep things smokin’ hot in SL, we would love to know?

Kiss me thru the phone – Soulja Boy

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