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Second Chance

Sebastian was a musician who had success snatched from him, leaving him in ruins.

Beth was jilted at the alter by her husband to be.

They’re both broken. Can serendipity weave her magic and help them heal one another? Or will their individual demons keep them apart?

If music be the food of love play on… (from Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare)

A Contemporary Romance, where real lives and virtual lives intertwine. In this day and age where technology rules the world we find ourselves spending a lot of our time online in one way or another, and there are a number of virtual worlds on the grid where one can live and play in virtual reality. In this instance Second Life©

Second Chance is written in serial format – Episode One is available for free from Amazon – Kindle Unlimited

Second Chance Cover 1

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Paramour – Greatest Love Story Never Told

I have released my Novella – Paramour – Greatest Love Story Never Told.  It is book #0.5 in my Second Life© Love Stories series.

Book # 1 is Second Time Around which is about to have a facelift in the form of a new cover.

The cover image below was done by Skip Staheli, a virtual photographer and graphic artist in Second Life©.

Paramour cover - Book fair



















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Second Time Around

It’s finally done…  This manuscript took a long time to come to fruition but I’ve enjoyed the journey immensely, and I have Lanai Jarrico, she of the SL Enquirer, to thank for its existence.

Second Time Around is a twenty-first-century romance, where virtual lives and real lives intertwine.

Sheridan King had it all and then she didn’t.  Her trust in men irrevocably shattered, or so she thought.

Luke Ashton, successful Ad man and artist, surfer and ladies’ man.  His pain and distrust of women run deep.

Having a Second Life© complicates matters even further.  What is real and what is imagined?

Second Time Around by Lacy Muircastle is available on Kindle via Amazon

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Tourmaline (Flash Fiction)

I got into the car, opened the windows and watched the sizzling air writhe its way out to join the rest of the scorching O.  Thank heavens for air-conditioning.

Commissioner Street, Johannesburg.  I tapped into the search function of google maps on my smartphone.  The last thing I needed was to get lost in central Jozi.  Apprehension coated my forehead in translucent beads that had a life of their own.  Did I really need to do this?  Sibongile, my housekeeper and recently qualified traditional healer seemed to think I did.  She should know.  I’d asked her to help me, but she said she didn’t have the power yet.  Her analogy was along the lines of having a car but not the license to drive it.  From past experience I knew how dangerous it was to meddle with the ancestors, so thought it best to go with her recommendation.

I drove past Marshall Street with its ubiquitous armed guards on the corner.  “It’s perfectly safe, you know.  It’s your white privilege that makes you so unnecessarily jumpy.”  This from Sibongile.  Apparently Anglo American weren’t as convinced as she was about safety, since it was they who employed the security guards on Marshall Street.

Was there even any parking?  I drove slowly down Commissioner Street.  My destination was on my right according to the google lady.  Walter Sisulu House was on the far left and I was sandwiched between my destination and a Ria Viya bus stop.  The city traffic hummed like a swarm of drones and every so often it felt like one of those drones was about to attack as a mini bus taxi filled to bursting point, swerved in front of me and slammed on brakes.  People being expelled from the innards of the taxi like a pot boiling over on the stove and those people mixing with the drones.   Nerves of steel were de rigueur when driving in Johannesburg.  My nerves were made of fraying sack cloth.

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Midlife crises a short story by Lacy Muircastle


It’d been simply mind blowing sex.  Wild, tempestuous, no strings attached.  Or that’s what I’d thought.  But you know what thought did, don’t you?

She stood in the middle of my office looking like a petulant child, Aphrodite.  My paramour, my Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and now it would seem as with the goddess she was named after, of procreation too. I should have known better than to get involved with someone so young. Or anyone for that matter.

“What do you mean you’re pregnant?”  My head pounded at my temples, as if Thor was preparing for an explosive storm.  I slumped back in my chair.

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Flash Fiction Challenge – Terribleminds


Persia Silverblade:     Welcome Ms Preston, it’s good to have you here this afternoon.

(Time zones you’ve gotta love them)

Lexi Preston:  Thank you Persia, it great to be here.

I strike up a sashay, and meander towards the bar at the back of the club.  It’s a good place to observe people from.  And by observation I mean profile perving, but hey, that’s what they are there for.

DJ Metastar was playing mellow love songs and was taking requests.

DJ Metastar: Up next is a request going out to Lexi Preston from an admirer – Chris de Burgh’s Lady in Red.  Drop me an IM with your requests.  Lexi for you, enjoy.

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What the Huck?

Keeping with the theme of bleakness and desolation, I followed a link in Ziki Questi’s blog to visit Prison, a creation by Cica Ghost.  Prison is a sim-sized installation of metal bars and doorways.  It’s stunning.


Parched earth, rusted metal, dry grasses, leafless trees.  It looks in one moment a vast, abandoned building site and in the next a post-apocalyptic ruin.  But neither of these descriptions really fit perfectly, because you understand straight away upon arrival that this construction is complete.  It is not something left unfinished or the result of destruction.  It is meant to be this way.  And that unsettles you.


There are two ways of exploring the island.  You can – and will, the moment you arrive – cam up into the air and start exploring the many angles and lines from there.


And you can also explore by foot.  Here and there are placed individual…

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